LIB INDUSTRY is an professionally managed independent company in Shaanxi China, to provide environmental test chambers. The compact nature of LIB Industry enables to maintain a high degree of flexibility in their manufacturing processes, thus the Test Chambers are one of their specialities.

LIB INDUSTRY is ahead of time for the industry standard to meet, the industry you are in, the material you want to test or for the product you want to develop. LIB INDUSTRY offers instruments worldwide with full technical support for Natural & Accelerated Weathering.

Our resources and expertise enable us to supply high quality equipment ranging from simple benchtop chambers to major walk in projects. LIB can produce equipment to customers exact requirements, from conception to completion ; taking an active role in helping to ensure that the equipment proposed will not only meet the specification but be built to budget and delivered on time. We provide our customers with sophisticated technology and state of the art testing solutions to determine how long their products will stay in real life. Our ultimate goals : A quality product, to give our customers a competitive edge.

LIB INDUSTRY Standard range of test chambers includes bench top and floor standing models, across temperatures ranging between – 65°C and +150°C (from – 80°C to +200°C for specific applications) and humidities between 10% and 98% RH. In addition to the standard machines LIB designs and builds a number of chambers for environmental testing.

Products :

  • Temperature & humidity testing
  • Constant temperature and humidity testing
  • Ozone climatic testing
  • Salt spray corrosion testing
  • Shock testing
  • Aging testing
  • Solar energy PV device testing
  • Rain box testing
  • UV weather testing
  • Xenon lamp weather resistance testing
  • Ultra Temperature Chests testing
  • Climatic Chamber With Vibration Port
  • Walk-in rooms